“Dead Fred” in Fiction River: Sparks

FR Sparks ebook cover webI’ve written several short stories about the characters in Just Another Day in Suburbia, and writing for this anthology gave me the opportunity to tell you a little more about Muzak’s friend, Grace Hewlett.

In Dead Fred, which takes place about three years before the events in Just Another Day in Suburbia, Grace is still in high school – and trying to figure out what she thinks about the school’s new janitor, a zombie named Fred. Her father makes an appearance, together with the dreaded Mrs. Simpson, as do Mrs. McMurtree and her cat, Marley.

I had a wonderful time writing Dead Fred, and was delighted that my editor, Rebecca Moesta, chose to include it in this collection with so many other wonderful stories. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Fiction River: Sparks is available in electronic and paper formats from WMG Publishing, or your favorite electronic bookstore.