If a tree falls…

"Bye-Bye Big Tree" - photo by Liz Pierce, 060411There’s a row of poplars along the back fence. They’re probably too close to the fence – the original owners of the house planted them, not us – but they’re an excellent screen between us and the neighbors.

Sadly, one of the trees took some serious damage over the winter, and didn’t survive. It was, of course, the one that was perfectly positioned to shade the back porch from both the afternoon sun and the neighbor’s yard. Much as we regret doing so, we’ve had to take it out to prevent the dead, dying, and drying branches from breaking off and landing on something (or someone).

I’m going to miss that tree – both for the shade it provided, and the sound of the wind blowing through the branches and rustling the leaves.

Bye-bye big tree.