Just Another Day in Suburbia

Just Another Day in Suburbia, a novel by Elizabeth Ann PierceForest Glen, Pennsylvania. A peaceful suburban neighborhood where nothing unusual ever happened — until the day Masaman the Troll moved out from under his bridge and bought the old fixer-upper on Oak Tree Lane.

Now Goblins swarm the neighbor’s front porch and kitchen windowsill in search of freshly baked pies and cookies; a cat-food eating Zombie canvasses the residents, looking for landscaping and interior decorating opportunities; and a Dwarf takes time out from Poker Night to investigate the rash of burglaries that suddenly plague the neighborhood.

And the Neighborhood Watch has no idea who it should be watching.

A suburban fantasy novel

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What is “Suburban Fantasy”?

Small Wooden Dwarf (morguefile royalty-free photo)We’re all familiar with “urban fantasy” – the gritty, often violent intersection of the real world with creatures from our darkest imaginings. And as entertaining as urban fantasy can be both to read and to write, I thought it was time to throw something new into the mix. I’ve coined the term “suburban fantasy” for my work – stories that blur the boundaries between the real world and the fantastical, but are lighter and less edgy than their urban cousins. And, hopefully, a little more fun.

Whether it’s the exploits of the teenage offspring of the Gods walking the halls of Olympus High, or Faerie Folk moving to the Real World and trying to cope with jobs, neighbors, and mortgages, I hope you enjoy the glimpse into the lighter side of life as I see it.

Because really, we never do know who – or what – is our neighbor!

And Then I Woke Up Dead

And Then I Woke Up Dead - a short novel by Elizabeth Ann PierceMuzak is definitely not your garden-variety, brain-gobbling zombie – he has higher aspirations than mindlessly sucking down on raw flesh. Then again, becoming a zombie was never part of his plans, either…

And Then I Woke Up Dead

Muzak knew about zombies – he’d seen them on the streets, doing the menial jobs they’d been created for, jobs no living person wanted to do. He just never expected to find himself shuffling along as one of the walking dead, anti-freeze coursing through his veins. To be honest, he’d had higher expectations of the after-life – and, at the very least, expected a better wardrobe.

A “Suburbia” short novel.

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My own little “Charlotte”

"Charlotte"A spider web appeared in the corner of the back porch doorframe during the night – complete with spider! Unfortunately, my little “Charlotte” isn’t a writer – or at least, I can’t make out any inspiring words in her web. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have stories to tell.

Guess I’ll just have to do the writing for both of us!

The original Charlotte’s Web (by E.B. White) was a childhood favorite, and a favorite of my children’s. Of course, that rapscallion, Templeton (the Rat, in case you don’t remember) was *my* favorite character!

Anyway, no pigs or rats or other barnyard critters around here. Just a spider, sharing the morning with us, inviting us to read what we will in her web.

Pinkerton Dwarf, P.I. – Case File 001: Renault

Pinkerton Dwarf, P.I. - Case File 001: Renault, a short novel by Elizabeth Ann PierceMore than a few people have asked for stories about some of the characters in Just Another Day in Suburbia, and I’ve been having a lot of fun obliging! This time, we go back a few years to Pinkerton’s first case…

Pinkerton Dwarf, P.I. – Case File 001: Renault

When the tall, red-haired woman walked into Grady’s Bar and Grill on that dark and stormy night, newly-licensed private investigator, Pinkerton Dwarf knew at a glance that she wasn’t the date he was waiting for. He did not know that Monica Renault would turn out to be his first official client, or that his date had gone awry before it even began.

A “Suburbia” short story.

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Ice Plant, Sedum, and Something Purple…

Ice Plant, Setum, and Something Purple - photo by Liz Pierce, June 2011I live in a place that doesn’t usually get a lot of rain in the summer, and has cold, snowy winters. As a result, I primarily plant drought- and cold-tolerant plants, like the Ice Plant and Sedum in this photo.

This year, we’ve had a particularly wet spring. What that means is that a lot of other plants – the kind we usually call “weeds” – have had the opportunity to really get a foothold. You can’t see them well, but bordering the back of this small garden plot, there are a bunch of green plants with purple flowers. I have no idea what they are – I didn’t plant them. They simply took advantage of the abundant water (and the fact that I’m not the sort of gardener to go out and dig up weeds in the rain) to populate, spread, and thrive.

Oddly enough, I sort of like them. So for the moment, I’m going to leave them where they are. Once the flowers start to die-off, I’ll dig them up and replace them with something intentional. With any luck, I’ll have them out before they set seed for next spring’s crop.

But for now, the ice plant is thriving, the sedum is spreading, and I’ve got something purple growing in my garden.

No Plan for Chaos

No Plan for Chaos, a short novel by Elizabeth Ann Pierce

We first met the Goblins in Just Another Day in Suburbia, but did you ever wonder what happened the day they emigrated from Faerie to the Real World?

No Plan for Chaos

It’s raining… Goblins!

The Goblins emerged from the Faerie Realm into the Real World in the most unexpected manner: drifting in on the breeze, settling on rooftops, in the trees, in the road. In a world filled with unfamiliar dangers, Skeezix the Goblin discovers the key to the Goblins’ survival in the unlikeliest of places — a discarded cup of diet cola.

A “Suburbia” short novel

Available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and in the iBookstore. $1.99

“Trolling” for News

Freemont Troll Cleanup, Seattle TribuneSeattle’s “Freemont Troll” sculpture – which appears on the cover of Just Another Day in Suburbia, was recently in the news. It seems that vandals decided the enormous sculpture needed a bit of makeup.

Fortunately, the damage was superficial, and easily repaired.

Thanks to my Seattle friends for pointing out both the news item and the quick cleanup! I’m quite sure that Masaman, Rasta, and all the other trolls inspired by the Freemont sculpture are feeling quite relieved!

Autumn leaves

Asautumn leaves the seasons change, I wanted to share a favorite haiku with my friends here:


Leaf on my windshield –
Ticket for parking
Too close to the end of summer.

On the road to WorldCon!

Mini-Cooper, photo courtesy of www.Copyright-free-photos.org.ukIt’s a long way from Philadelphia to Reno – especially when you’re squeezed into a Mini with a Zombie, a Dwarf, a Goblin, and a Troll – so I’m not going to be attending WorldCon (aka: the World Science Fiction Convention) this year.

But I did want to invite you to hang out with Masaman and friends, and pick up your own copy of  JUST ANOTHER DAY IN SUBURBIA at the special, WorldCon-weekend price of $2.99 (with coupon code WG54G) – after all, another ebook isn’t going to crowd your luggage out of the car!


Mini-Cooper photo courtesy of www.Copyright-free-photos.org.uk