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Imuji in “Fantasy in the City” collection

June 20, 2016

ImujiCover72_600x900I’m excited to announce a new Olympus High short story – Imuji.

Tim’s would-be girlfriend has snakes in her hair.
His best friend appears to be incombustible.
And during the night, a dragon tattoo has appeared
on Tim’s arm, a symbol of his half-Korean heritage.

Tim MacLaren was an ordinary student at Olympus High,
until the day after his seventeenth birthday when he discovered
that, like most of his friends, he was anything but “ordinary.”


Imuji is part of the Fantasy in the City bundle – an exciting collection of twenty short urban fantasy stories, offered through BundleRabbit.

Fantasy in the City bundle cover

What’s BundleRabbit? I’m glad you asked! BundleRabbit is a cool new way you can get collections of stories, by authors you know and authors new to you. The Fantasy in the City bundle is only available for a limited time, so you’ll want to “hop” on over right away!



— Liz

Spring into Books

May 24, 2016

Liz Pierce_LUWevent_1I’ll be reading an excerpt of Dead Fred from the Fiction River: Sparks anthology at the League of Utah Writers Spring into Books event on May 28th.

I’ll have copies of the anthology available for purchase, as well as previews from Eternally Grounded and Phouka (both available on Amazon and Kobo) and Imuji (coming soon from BuundleRabbit), all part of my Olympus High short story collection, .

Hope to see you there!



Eternally Grounded, an Olympus High short story by Liz Pierce  Phouka, an Olympus High short story by Liz Pierce  Imuji, an Olympus High short story by Liz Pierce







UPDATE: It was wonderful seeing so many people at the Spring Into Books event – and thanks for dropping by my website! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (the form is in the upper right corner of the page) for updates on future appearances and publications! And happy reading, everyone!   –Liz


March 21, 2016

Phouka_cover_600x900Fiona’s mother and siblings are fairies. Sparkles everywhere. Her uncle is a leprechaun, complete with rainbow and pot of gold. But Fiona takes after her father’s side of the family – the plain-old human side, without a drop of magic of her own.

And while the leprechaun did agree to grant her wish for her very own magic, she should have known better than for it to turn out exactly as she’d hoped for…

An Olympus High short story

Available on Amazon and Kobo, and coming soon to Nook and iBooks. $0.99

Eternally Grounded

May 21, 2011

Grounded_cover_600x900Grounded, guarded by the three-headed dog Cerberus, and forbidden from leaving the temple on Mount Olympus during the first weekend of Spring Break, Zeus and Hera’s teenage son Nikolos and his friends from Olympus High prove once again that teens will be teens — even if their parents are Gods.

An Olympus High short story

Available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords. $0.99